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Do You Struggle With:

  • Employees who won’t retire?
  • Low company morale and productivity?
  • Staying competitive as a great place to work?
  • Seeing the benefits of 401(k) for employers?
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We’ll Teach Your Employees
How to Invest Their 401(k)

  • Quarterly Investment Advice

    Each quarter, plan sponsors receive four risk-based models for employees to select.

  • Flat Rate Fee

    Your employees won’t be penalized for being proactive and saving for retirement.

  • Proprietary Technology

    Get active investment models that adapt to current market conditions.

  • Educational Consultation

    Your employees will learn how to actively manage their 401(k) investments!

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How It Works

Step 1  Schedule Free Consultation

Book a 15-minute call to get started and discuss your company’s goals and challenges.

Step 2  Receive 401(k) Allocations Each Quarter

We’ll send you continual advice for 4 different 401(k) plan models: conservative, moderate, growth and tactical.

Step 3  Provide Advice to Your Employees

Communicate the recommendations to your employees so they can save, invest and retire sooner.

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At 401karat, we know you are the kind of plan sponsor who wants to empower your employees to take control of their retirement. In order to do that, you need to get assistance in carrying the weight of your fiduciary responsibility.

You’re facing challenges like company morale, productivity, getting 401(k) training for employees, staying competitive in the job market and bringing in new talent.

We believe that your employees shouldn’t have to go through life with the mentality of, “I’ll never stop working.” That’s why we have a flat-rate fee, so your employees aren’t penalized for being proactive and saving for retirement.

Get your free consultation today so you can stop feeling frustrated about your HR situation and start providing valuable benefits to your employees.

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