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Retirement in 3 StepsHow It Works

Preparing yourself for a successful and fruitful retirement can be accomplished in three easy steps with 401karat!

Step 1  Create Your Account & Speak With an Advisor

You can register for your 401karat account by completing a risk questionnaire and uploading your 401(k)’s investment options to your account. 401karat will reach out after your account is created to set up a personal phone call with a 401(k) advisor, ensuring your custom-built allocation is tailor-made to match your financial goals.

Step 2  Get Your Custom 401(k) Allocation & Make the Changes

Once 401karat has analyzed your 401(k)’s investment options through our modern, math-based investment analysis, you’ll find your recommended allocation in your 401karat portal. Once you’ve received your allocation, you can go to your 401(k)’s website and make the recommended changes to your 401(k) allocation on your end. At 401karat, we believe investors should have the final say on their investments.

Step 3  Watch for Quarterly Updates

Your first quarter is completely free! After your first quarter, we will bill you only $50.00 every 90 days after that. Every quarter, you’ll receive new allocation recommendations from 401karat. In the meantime, feel free to keep up with the market by reading 401karat’s regular market updates!

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We’ll Teach You What You Didn’t Learn in SchoolA Modern Way to Grow Your 401(k)

Today, the burden of preparing for retirement has been placed on the individual, making saving for it more important than ever. But between balancing all other aspects of their lives, the average American doesn’t have time to add managing their retirement account to their to-do list. At 401karat, our expert 401(k) advisors do the heavy lifting for you, providing quarterly allocation recommendations based on your employer’s 401(k) options.

Take Control of Your Financial FutureYour 401karat Future

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    Invest Like a Professional

    401karat’s custom-built investment allocations take advantage of current market trends, allowing you to save for retirement like a professional investor!

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    New Financial Skills

    If you fall into the “I don’t know what Roth means, and at this point I’m too afraid to ask” camp, don’t worry! 401karat provides educational articles and market updates to keep you informed financially.

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    Fintech With a Human Touch

    Unlike automated robo-advisors that use the same investment strategies as they did in the 1950s, 401karat combines modern investment analysis with access to a real, professional financial advisor. 401(k) participants should be able to discuss their financial questions or fears with a real person!

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    Save More, Stress Less

    Unlike other 401(k) advisors that have their fees grow along with your account, 401karat charges a flat fee. People shouldn’t be penalized for saving more for retirement!

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